Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mattel Love N Touch

This is a very soft and lovable doll. Mine of course has "love" markings on her face.

Little Hostess Buffet by Marx

This will be a heavy image post. I always loved playing with this buffet set. I just discovered there is a demand for this little gem. Mine is still in the box. It took me awhile to take all these pictures. Ok it took longer than really necessary because I was playing. LOL

Top of box. It is worn, but I like to call it "loved".

Side of box.

Buffet inside the box.
Buffet all set up with some of the dish ware. I had everything on it, but I kept knocking everything off and I grew tired of setting it all back up.

The cup and saucer. The dime is shown for scale.

"Glass ware"
The butter in the butter dish open.

Butter dish closed.

The butter dish and butter out.
Here is the "Silver" set all in a tray.

The silver utensils.
Serving trays and plates and saucers.

Ice Bucket.

Plastic is so much fun to play with.

Effanbee Butterball with hair

Here is my other Effanbee Butterball doll. She has blond hair. She is sitting pretty on her soft pink pillow.

Here she is "sleeping". Such a sweet face!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mattel Honey Hill Bunch Club

Honey Hill Bunch Kids by Mattel. They served as toys for my baby dolls. Of course I played with them together. I forgot I even had these little gems. :)

Dolls are vinyl and cloth, they have rooted hair and painted facial features. One hand has a piece of Velcro to hold hands with another doll or to hold their accessory.
They were on the market from 1976-1978.

This is Sweetlee with her Gingerbread Man. I love her smile. :D The band is to keep her hair tame and to show her sweet face.

Her Gingerbread Man up close.

See her holding her hands together.

This is her tag. Mattel 1975.
Her markings on her head. 1975 Mattel. Taiwan.

This is Honey Hill Lil Kid with dog Good. Yes that the doogie's name.

Honey Hill Lil Kid with his hands together.

Closer view of Good the dog.
Lil Kid's tag. Mattel Inc. 1975.

Effanbee Butterball

Here is another one of my many babies. She is an Effanbee Butterball. She is marked 1969 with 6569 stamped on her as well. Her molded hair. She had legs and arms that moved.

The back of her body.

This is her poor head. I know to everyone else this is abuse. I call it "Love". This is from years of love and play. Many tea parties she attended.

Her cute face. I know in this pic one eye seems dull, but they are both shiny. I just am not a photographer.

Baby Baby

Made by Ideal in 1974, Handful of love Baby Baby.

This little darling fits right into the palm of your hand. When I was little she served as my baby. Sometimes she even was a "toy" for another baby doll that might have been my favorite at a given time. I still have her bottle. The outfit she has on was made by my mom. My mom sewed a lot of clothes for me and my dolls. We even has some outfits that "matched". My mom still sews for her dolls. She rocks!

Here is Baby Baby with her eyes open.

Here she is with her eyes closed. Sleep little Baby Baby. Sweet dreams.

This is her bottle. I can't believe this bottle was not lost.

The markings on her back. Ideal 1974.