Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mattel Honey Hill Bunch Club

Honey Hill Bunch Kids by Mattel. They served as toys for my baby dolls. Of course I played with them together. I forgot I even had these little gems. :)

Dolls are vinyl and cloth, they have rooted hair and painted facial features. One hand has a piece of Velcro to hold hands with another doll or to hold their accessory.
They were on the market from 1976-1978.

This is Sweetlee with her Gingerbread Man. I love her smile. :D The band is to keep her hair tame and to show her sweet face.

Her Gingerbread Man up close.

See her holding her hands together.

This is her tag. Mattel 1975.
Her markings on her head. 1975 Mattel. Taiwan.

This is Honey Hill Lil Kid with dog Good. Yes that the doogie's name.

Honey Hill Lil Kid with his hands together.

Closer view of Good the dog.
Lil Kid's tag. Mattel Inc. 1975.

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